[RELEASES] The Blinds (Book 2 in Documenting Dreadful Existences) – by Aiden Merchant

Here, you’ll find:
Portals to new worlds and dimensions…
Access points to time travel and loops…
Debilitating impairment and confusion…
Crumbling timelines that echo and shatter…

Nothing is stable.

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Regarding the Documenting Dreadful Existences series:

This world—and the others that exist on different planes and time—have numerous running stories of treachery, evil, deceit, magic, and exhaustion. Some lines are bending and twisting with others. Some universes are eating away at themselves and opening pathways to other realms. In this series of series, of which I’ve titled Documenting Dreadful Existences, I have tracked down stories that follow the demons that manipulate us, the dimensional rips capable of transporting man elsewhere in place and time, and the dangerous world that exists following Mother Earth’s overthrow of humankind.

Book Two: The Blinds

  1. Extra! Extra!
  2. Vermillion
  3. The World Slips and Pours
  4. Palinoia
  5. Overlapping Universes
  6. We’ve Been Here Before
  7. Misplaced
  8. Ravenous
  9. The End

Published by Aiden Merchant

Aiden Merchant is the author more than forty stories, including those found within SICKNESS IS IN SEASON, HORRIFIC HOLIDAYS, and DOCUMENTING DREADFUL EXISTENCES. He is also the author of the crime-fic novella CROSSING RED, and the lead editor and publisher of BLACKBERRY BLOOD (an anthology edited alongside Julia C. Lewis), MILK TEETH (a novella by Andrew Post), and RISE ABOVE (a community sampler). His alter ego, Wesley Winters, leans more toward the extreme and absurd. His debut horror series is appropriately titled FUCKED, and will debut in 2023 with ARTIFACT OF THE EYE and later FEED THE SKY.

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