[SUB CALL] WPM #1 – Call for Fiction

THE PUBLICATION (Issue No., Projected Release, Call Timeframe): Wintry Monsters Press is launching a new digital-only fiction magazine. This call is regarding the debut issue, which is looking at a projected launch of March 2023. This submission window is open from January 1 to January 15th. Unless granted special permission by the editor, submissions beforeContinue reading “[SUB CALL] WPM #1 – Call for Fiction”

[RELEASES] Relics: A Decade Under the Influence – by Aiden Merchant

RELICS: A DECADE UNDER THE INFLUENCE is coming Friday, November the 4th. This compendium collects most of the stories from the now-out-of-print collections DEAD AS SOON AS BORN and KILL FOR THEM written as Aiden Merchant, as well as several singles and anthology appearances. There is also an interview and essay included. This is aContinue reading “[RELEASES] Relics: A Decade Under the Influence – by Aiden Merchant”