[RELEASES] The Blinds (Book 2 in Documenting Dreadful Existences) – by Aiden Merchant

THE BLINDSHere, you’ll find:Portals to new worlds and dimensions…Access points to time travel and loops…Debilitating impairment and confusion…Crumbling timelines that echo and shatter… Nothing is stable.

[RELEASES] Crossing Red – by Aiden Merchant

Matthew Hart has a temper. In his blind rage, he becomes violent and impulsive. Over the years, he’s learned to control his outbursts…mostly. But after an especially bad week, Hart snaps and kills his landlord. He goes on the run, hoping to put the murder behind him. And maybe he could have gotten away withContinue reading “[RELEASES] Crossing Red – by Aiden Merchant”

[RELEASES] Relics: A Decade Under the Influence – by Aiden Merchant

RELICS: A DECADE UNDER THE INFLUENCE is coming Friday, November the 4th. This compendium collects most of the stories from the now-out-of-print collections DEAD AS SOON AS BORN and KILL FOR THEM written as Aiden Merchant, as well as several singles and anthology appearances. There is also an interview and essay included. This is aContinue reading “[RELEASES] Relics: A Decade Under the Influence – by Aiden Merchant”