Update on RISE ABOVE, our first community sampler – the branding change, acceptance letters, and other features to be included

First off, I apologize for only updating followers via social media while neglecting our website. Let me remedy that.

For those that did not see our social media updates over the past month, our debut magazine issue became a community sampler instead, titled Rise Above. In some ways, it is like a magazine. However, the branding has changed to community sampler to embrace the comradery of our writers in the horror scene, while also allowing me to heavily lean on other features than just new fiction.

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[NEWS] The Magazine is Being Rebranded

Perhaps you’ve seen me post about WMP Magazine #1 recently. Subs for short fiction have been open for a week and will remain open for a week longer. But here’s the thing—there will be rebranding of sorts. This will no longer be a magazine issue but a horror “sampler” instead. The contents are not changing, so why the rebranding?

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[SUB CALL] WPM #1 – Call for Fiction

THE PUBLICATION (Issue No., Projected Release, Call Timeframe):

Wintry Monsters Press is launching a new digital-only fiction magazine. This call is regarding the debut issue, which is looking at a projected launch of March 2023.

This submission window is open from January 1 to January 15th. Unless granted special permission by the editor, submissions before or after this window will not be considered.

Acceptances should be sent out by February 15, 2023 unless we publicly announce otherwise. If you have not heard from us by then, check your SPAM folder and search your inbox for any emails from contact@wintrymonsterspress.com and wintrymonsterspress@gmail.com. There are always messages we’ve sent that seem to vanish when people look for them. It happened with BLACKBERRY BLOOD in 2021 and we don’t want that again. So, please check and do a search for our e-mail addresses. If you still cannot find any messages from us, then send a new email thread to request an update on your story. We do check our own SPAM folder during call windows to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, but sometimes our service provider will mark something as possibly dangerous. This is one reason why it is important to format your email the way we’ve noted below in REQUIREMENTS.

This magazine, if successful, will release 4-6 issues per year. Each issue will have a new call of its own. Do not submit for future issues.

WPM is being designed with Kindle and Kindle Unlimited in mind. It will be low on imagery with a focus on the text. Our goal is to promote independent authors alongside the occasional veteran.

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[RELEASES] The Blinds (Book 2 in Documenting Dreadful Existences) – by Aiden Merchant

Here, you’ll find:
Portals to new worlds and dimensions…
Access points to time travel and loops…
Debilitating impairment and confusion…
Crumbling timelines that echo and shatter…

Nothing is stable.

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[RELEASES] Crossing Red – by Aiden Merchant

Matthew Hart has a temper. In his blind rage, he becomes violent and impulsive. Over the years, he’s learned to control his outbursts…mostly. But after an especially bad week, Hart snaps and kills his landlord. He goes on the run, hoping to put the murder behind him. And maybe he could have gotten away with it, had he not then killed an officer of the law. Now all of Tennessee is bearing down on him in a manhunt that will lead into the cover of the mountains as rain begins to fall.

Crossing Red is Aiden Merchant’s debut novella in crime fiction.

Purchase this book or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited here.

[RELEASES] The Corner Masters (Book 1 in Documenting Dreadful Existences) – by Aiden Merchant

The Corner Masters are magical demons of another realm. For a time, they were tasked with watching our world and progress. Now, they’ve deemed us unworthy. Lost causes. They’ll have their fun. And then end us all.

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[RELEASES] Relics: A Decade Under the Influence – by Aiden Merchant

RELICS: A DECADE UNDER THE INFLUENCE is coming Friday, November the 4th. This compendium collects most of the stories from the now-out-of-print collections DEAD AS SOON AS BORN and KILL FOR THEM written as Aiden Merchant, as well as several singles and anthology appearances. There is also an interview and essay included. This is a 600+ page selection for fans of my older work or those that may have missed these stories in their original publications.

The e-book edition of this compendium will be available via Amazon wide distribution come November 4th, 2022. The paperback will follow in 2023 for collectors. Read on for further detail, including the Table of Contents:

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[FREE TO READ] “Nummy Fingers” – A Halloween Short Story

This story appears in Horrific Holidays, a collection of – you guessed it – holidays horrors. Like it? Then please direct your attention to the book here. And share this story link to others!

*This collection currently has a FREE e-book promotion until the end of Halloween. Redeem it via Smashwords with this code: XW97Q

CONTENT WARNING – This is an extreme horror story. It contains graphic violence and gore, coarse language, sexual content, and cannibalism.

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[PROMO] ‘Blackberry Blood’ will be free October 15-16, 2022

For October 15-16, the Blackberry Blood anthology (released in 2021 under the now defunct label, Snow-Capped Press) will be free via Amazon in e-book format. It was edited by Julia C. Lewis and myself, and features artwork by Gemma Amor (Full Immersion, Six Rooms) and a foreword by Sadie Hartmann (Mother Horror, My Dark Library, Nightworms).

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