book review – The Haunting of Alejandra by V. Castro

“V. Castro is an excellent dramatic writer with a flourish for unsettling horror. The Haunting of Alejandro is emotional, creepy, and powerful.”

~ Aiden Merchant, author of Sickness is in Season and Crossing Red

In this novel, you follow Alejandra and other women from her family’s history that have been plagued by an other-world creature thought to be La Llorana. It’s emotional, creepy, and powerful. Some of the pacing is unsteady due to stretches of telling over showing, and the finale left me a little confused (I think I missed a vital piece of info at some point), but I adored reading this novel. I devoured it whenever I had a moment to read. It is definitely recommended for all, whether you’re a fan of horror or not. This is a thematically moving story.

Available now! Get it on Amazon here:

And read our interview with V. Castro in WMP Dark Fiction Magazine #0 Rise Above, available here:

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