[SUB CALL] WPM #1 – Call for Fiction

THE PUBLICATION (Issue No., Projected Release, Call Timeframe):

Wintry Monsters Press is launching a new digital-only fiction magazine. This call is regarding the debut issue, which is looking at a projected launch of March 2023.

This submission window is open from January 1 to January 15th. Unless granted special permission by the editor, submissions before or after this window will not be considered.

Acceptances should be sent out by February 15, 2023 unless we publicly announce otherwise. If you have not heard from us by then, check your SPAM folder and search your inbox for any emails from contact@wintrymonsterspress.com and wintrymonsterspress@gmail.com. There are always messages we’ve sent that seem to vanish when people look for them. It happened with BLACKBERRY BLOOD in 2021 and we don’t want that again. So, please check and do a search for our e-mail addresses. If you still cannot find any messages from us, then send a new email thread to request an update on your story. We do check our own SPAM folder during call windows to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, but sometimes our service provider will mark something as possibly dangerous. This is one reason why it is important to format your email the way we’ve noted below in REQUIREMENTS.

This magazine, if successful, will release 4-6 issues per year. Each issue will have a new call of its own. Do not submit for future issues.

WPM is being designed with Kindle and Kindle Unlimited in mind. It will be low on imagery with a focus on the text. Our goal is to promote independent authors alongside the occasional veteran.

FEATURES THIS ISSUE (Subject to change):

  • At least 15 interviews that include DarkLit Press, Caitlin Marceau, V. Castro, Chad Lutzke, Lor Gislason, Janine Pipe, and more
  • At least 4 short pieces of fiction from various authors
  • At least 1 novella sneak preview that includes a full prologue of a currently unreleased title
  • More than 20 book recommendations/reviews
  • At least 10 Author Spotlights

THE CALL (Word Count, How Many Acceptances, Pay):

We are looking for dark fiction in the following categories:

6-7k words … 2-3 stories will be accepted … pays $20, grants right for us to publish the story in this specified issue, non-exclusive but with the request the author does not publish the same story elsewhere until a month after the publication of the issue … payment is based on wordcount after all revisions

2-4k words … 1-2 stories will be accepted … pays $10, grants right for us to publish the story in this specified issue, non-exclusive but with the request the author does not publish the same story elsewhere until a month after the publication of the issue … payment is based on wordcount after all revisions

*Accepted authors will also be provided with a digital copy of the issue once it is finalized. This magazine is not available in printed format.

**Payments will be sent to the author prior to publication of the issue AFTER edits have been agreed upon. Payments can be made using Venmo, Cash app, or PayPal.

***If your story is a little under or over (up to 1k words either way), still try your luck sending it for our consideration.

DARK FICTION (What We Like, What We Don’t Like):

This is a broad call for dark fiction. We like horror, suspense, gritty drama, and blending grounds that fall under the likes of sci-fi/horror and coming-of-age. Some authors we follow include Gemma Amor, Chad Lutzke, Stephen King, Alan Baxter, Caroline Kepnes, Fiona Barton, Janine Pipe, Blake Crouch, V. Castro, Daniel Barnett, Ania Ahlborn, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Mark Allan Gunnells.

We do NOT want explicit scenes of sex. Please shy from graphic violence/abuse regarding children. Political and religious views should be subtle. Nothing racist, homophobic, or discriminatory unless absolutely necessary to the story. If you include this type of content, you realize the risk you are taking in having us publish the story.

NO fan fiction. If your story is accepted, there will be a contract stating the work is of your creation and not plagiarized. You alone are responsible for your story and can be sued for stealing another artist’s work.

REQUIREMENTS (Please Read!):

Submit your story as an email attachment to contact@wintrymonsterspress.com with the SUBJECT line of “WPM 1 – Author Name – Story Title – Word Count”

Simultaneous submissions are fine but only 1 story per author. If your story is accepted elsewhere, let us know immediately. If you don’t, you risk being disqualified from future sub calls.

The author must include a list of possibly triggering content. This might be in the form of tags, such as “violence toward children” or “implied rape.” Include this in your submission e-mail AND at the bottom of the last page of your story. We will also add to this list if we feel it is necessary.

Provide a separate document with your biography. It should be short and sweet (1-3 sentences). For example, “Aiden Merchant is the queer author of more than forty stories, including those found in Sickness is in Season and Horrific Holidays. He is also the publisher and lead editor of Blackberry Blood (with Julia C. Lewis) and Milk Teeth (by Andrew Post).”

With your bio, also include your web links and social media, as well as your gender identity and whether you are writer of diversity. Though this part is not required, it is something we will be looking at once we have a selection of our favorite stories and start making decisions which ones will be accepted. We are looking to keep a diverse selection of “printed” stories wherever possible.

Beneath your biography, include any applicable web links, including your username for social media platforms. For example: “Twitter @WintryMonsters”

Your story should be saved as .doc or .docx — no other format will be accepted.

Please edit your work! That being said, we will be editing accepted stories. If an author does not agree with the suggested changes, it could cancel your acceptance. However, we will not be looking to CHANGE the story. Our suggestions will be for spelling, grammar, and readability.

FORMATTING YOUR MANUSCRIPT (Font, Size, Alignment, etc.):

Font Size 12

Set in Times New Roman


NO indents

Justified alignment

SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT AS “WPM 1 – TITLE” – do not include your name in the file title. Stories will be blindly read to the best of our ability.

Include the title of your story and word count at the top of the first page of your story. Include your name, contact information, and trigger warnings on the last page without any story text on it. So, if your story ends halfway down a page, insert a blank page after and add the required information. We are blindly reading these stories. At this time, we are not doing specific author invitations or giving friends special treatment.

When creating your document, simply select BLANK DOCUMENT and do not adjust the paper size or margins.

*When it comes to formatting, make sure to use your Tools as opposed to the keyboard. This includes hitting ENTER for double line spacing or using the TAB key. For example (when using Microsoft Office), highlight your text, right-click, select “Paragraph,” and use the dropdown menu for “Line Spacing” to select “Double.”


Call Window: January 1st to 15th

What: Dark fiction, short stories

Word Count: Category A: 6-7,000 … Category B: 2-4,000

Payment: $20 for Category A, $10 for Category B

Simultaneous Submissions: Yes

Multiple Submissions: No

Reprints: No

How to submit: Send your story and bio as attachments (in doc or docx) to contact@wintrymonsterspress.com with the subject as WPM 1 – AUTHOR NAME – STORY TITLE – WORD COUNT. Do not forget your content warnings. Do not simply copy and paste your story into the email body — it will not be read.


Published by Aiden Merchant

Aiden Merchant is the author more than forty stories, including those found within SICKNESS IS IN SEASON, HORRIFIC HOLIDAYS, and DOCUMENTING DREADFUL EXISTENCES. He is also the author of the crime-fic novella CROSSING RED, and the lead editor and publisher of BLACKBERRY BLOOD (an anthology edited alongside Julia C. Lewis), MILK TEETH (a novella by Andrew Post), and RISE ABOVE (a community sampler). His alter ego, Wesley Winters, leans more toward the extreme and absurd. His debut horror series is appropriately titled FUCKED, and will debut in 2023 with ARTIFACT OF THE EYE and later FEED THE SKY.

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